When I was a kid growing up in suburban New Jersey my parents took me to see some really classic films. It was the 70’s and film making was somehow more daring, and even more experimental in a way. And the two things in the world I loved most at that time was film and popular (Rock) music. I guess that really hasn’t changed though, because I still love them both. For music my love for classic artists like David Bowie has grown even stronger. And many of the films of that day are still holding up as classics and still amaze and entertain me today.

And at an early age this connection I felt for these two arts inspired me to want to become a musician or an actor. I became a musician at the age of 10, but for some reason acting seemed to escape me for a long time. We lived about fifty miles from New York City which was where a lot of entertainment industry in those days thrived, but it might as well have been three thousand miles, as I didn’t see my parents taking me into the city for auditions let alone acting classes. The town I grew up in, as far as I know, didn’t have an acting school per se, though I’m sure New York, or maybe Philadelphia had plenty of great ones at that time. So as I grew up I focused on becoming a musician, though I knew something was up when I would find myself in front of the television practicing guitar but watching “Apocalypse Now” on VHS tape.

It wasn’t until later when I moved to Los Angeles that I really thought that becoming an actor was even possible, and at that time I was a full time musician and music producer, so acting represented a sort of fantasy to me. Then by sheer chance (or not?) a friend introduced me to a shaman, and this is where it gets a little weird. I did some shamanic work with the shaman after the release of my solo album/CD back in 2009, and the result of that work was that… my soul needed to “act”. Not to necessarily become an actor, but just to “act” by practicing the art of acting. Why? Because it needs that discipline to develop itself. Yes, it sounds woo-woo, all California hippie-dippy. I assure it is not. I was never really that out there in that way, however when your soul talks to you, you should probably listen, and I knew I needed to do it, no matter what. And I take my soul very seriously.

There is something very frightening about the idea of being an actor to me though, but to me it’s like that scary rollercoaster ride, or haunted house ride at the amusement park. It scares the “you know what” out of you, but you have to do it anyway, because it’s fun to get that kind of thrill maybe? More than this though I have found that acting has brought me closer to myself and the people in my life and that the real fear to me now is going through life and not expressing how I feel about others, and not knowing how I feel about myself. Acting has brought me to a place of deeper understanding of myself and the people I get to connect with in a class, on a set, at my day job, at the supermarket or anywhere else in life. It is teaching me about listening. Listening to others, and most importantly, listening to my own soul. And that is no act.

Dean’s television credits include Channel’s ID: Unusual Suspects, and National Geographic’s How Human Are We? Dean’s recent films include the 30’s period short film Scorpion, which premiered at the 2014 Raindance Film Festival in London, and Divergence an indie drama that was nominated for best film at the 2013 New Media Film Festival. He has enjoyed other notable roles in such diverse films as the indie comedy short Threading the Needle, and the dark drama The Other Side. His feature film work includes the independent film," Lineage. Dean also appeared as the dad in Matchbox’s 60th Anniversary toy commercial. Dean’s notable music video acting is highlighted in Don’t Let Go by Brainpower, and the controversial, What Do You Say video by Filter.

Dean studied acting in Los Angeles at the Ruskin School, as well as acting for film and television at The Ardavany Approach Studios, and with Jen Krater at Krater Studios. Dean also studied voice with Susan Rumor at Artist One Productions in Los Angeles. In addition to acting, Dean is a guitarist, singer, and recording artist. His 2009 solo album These Robot Days enjoys a worldwide audience. You can go to his music site Here

His resume can be found here Resume

The Ruskin School of Acting Santa Monica, CA | Master Class And Meisner Program, Paul Sand, Chris Mulkey, John Ruskin Scene Study, Meisner Program

Krater Studios Los Angeles, CA | Scene Work, Cold Reading , Instinct

Ardavany Approach Beverly Hills, CA | Character Development, Scene Study, Improvisation, Basic Acting Foundations

Artist One Productions Los Angeles, CA | Singing Technique Susan Rumor

Ethnicity: Caucasian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Latin/Hispanic

Accents: Southern USA, Midwest USA, North Eastern USA, British,

Eastern European (additional accent list on request)

Music: vocalist (Tenor), guitarist (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, harmonica.

Sports: Swimming | Inline Skating | Boxing | Martial Arts | Baseball | Weight Training

Cheryl Murphy | Spectrum Talent |

9107 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210

310.eight.six.two.4922 (contact direct)

Currently Happening! Hilarious Web Series for 2016! Everyone can relate to ONE member of their family in this mature webisode! Dean plays Marc and play he does. You will want to check out The Fifties.

Recent films also include: short film "Scorpion", a 30's period gangster crime drama written and directed by Eric Demeusy. Similar intensity, in a supporting role as "Vince" a lost soul junkie in the riveting dramatic short film "The Otherside" written and directed by Brennan Erbeznik and produced by Matt Wizan (PMG).

Hit TV Crime show "Unusual Suspects" "Driven to Murder" episode (Discovery Channel) as Paco Vilenti, a shady NJ auto body shop owner who is caught up in a murder investigation. Much less shady, Dean dove into an inviting role "Threading the Needle" a hopelessly romantic comedy that drops you into the middle of a heated discussion between a middle aged retired rock musician and his young live-in girlfriend, written and directed by Graham Jones.

Dean's feature film work includes Lineage as an undercover L.A. detective who is overly eager to bring down one bad dude on the tough South Central LA streets of the 1970’s. This is a 4075 Media Production, directed by Jabril Ty Murphy.

Height: 5' 11" Weight: 168 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age Range: 37-49 Resume .pdf
Television Network Title Role Director
Discovery Channel "Unusual Suspects" Supporting Bob Wise
National Geographic "How Human Are We" Featured Paul Haddad
Film Name Type Role Director On Location
Scorpion Short Supporting Eric Demeusy Indie
Divergence Short Featured Adrian Orozco Indie
The Other Side Short Supporting Brennan Erbeznik Villanova
Blood Short Supporting Jared Towler Art Center Pasadena
The Ark Short Lead Sam Hemann Chapman University
Lineage Feature Featured Jabril Ty Murphy Indie
Threading The Needle Short Lead Graham Jones NYFA
The Conscience Knows Short Lead Natalia Kostiushia NYFA
Saints and Cynics Short Lead Thomas Colarusso NYFA
Insurance Short Co-Star Caroline De Leon NYFA
Bra Men Short Lead Ciaran Vejby USC
Penance Short Supporting Mauricio Arnaud UCLA
The Last Man Short Co-Star Connor De Mita Columbia
California Solo Short Featured Marshall Lewy Indie
Cocaine Peppers Short Featured Philip Young Indie
Rule of Three Short Supporting Sonia Knape LMU
Unconditional Short Lead Wendy Wang USC
Gone Short Featured Claire Haroche UCLA
Falling Short Lead Ron Hill USC
Getting There Short Supporting Graham Jones Indie
Autumn Hill Short Supporting Tiffany Ora Littlejohn NYFA
Lucidity Short Supporting Mechi Lakatos Indie
Commercials & Industrials Role Director | Industry Name
Matchbox 60th Anniversary Lead Mattel
McCaffery Interests Lead Harrison Ciancuillo
Gemological Institute of America Lead Barbar Davis
Voltaire (Historical Piece) Featured Golden Era Productions
Michaelangelo (Historical Piece) Featured Golden Era Productions
King George's War (Historical Piece) Featured Golden Era Productions
Musical Credits & Video Production Band Song Director
Filter What Do You Say Supporting Kyle Thrash
Brainpower Don't Let Go Supporting Molly Eastling
J.Holley Enough Supporting Danae Jones
Dean Bruni Shadow on The Wall Lead Dean Bruni

My Gratitude and love for all of the support I have had in my career!

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